The World Can Use More Kindness And We Can Be Where it Starts

Every day we come across multiple opportunities to spread kindness from something as simple as giving a stranger directions to […]

Every day we come across multiple opportunities to spread kindness from something as simple as giving a stranger directions to giving a friend a ride home when their car breaks, to everything in between and around. The very popular quote, “be kind, for everyone you meet fighting a hard battle,” stands true now more than ever but is also timeless. When you choose kindness you choose to put yourself in the shoes of others or sympathize at the least when going about your actions.

Be the good that you want to see in the world with these random acts of kindness curated by GoodGoodGood that I find to be heartwarming and very much doable.

Kindness Begins Here and With You

  1. Hold a door open for someone
  2. Leave a positive review for a small business you love
  3. Find items in your house that are collecting dust and donate them to your local refugee support organization
  4. Give an extra generous tip to your server or bartender
  5. If you and another person get to the line at the same time, let them go first
  6. Offer to buy coffee for the person behind you in line or surprise a friend with their favorite cup
  7. Give a compliment to a stranger
  8. Cook a double portion of your meal and give the extras to someone who needs it
  9. Volunteer at your local animal shelter
  10. Give up your seat on public transportation for someone else to have
  11. Send a kind and encouraging message to someone close to you
  12. Help your neighbor with yard work
  13. Buy lemonade from a kid’s lemonade stand
  14. Donate to a nonprofit that has missions and morals you agree with
  15. Keep an extra umbrella, jacket, and/or blanket in your car to give to someone who needs it

Making Kindness the Norm

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It’s not uncommon for us as humans to focus more on the negative things that affect us rather than the good. This type of perspective allows for random acts of kindness to feel like a quick breath of fresh air before returning to “the norm” of our daily lives. It’s almost as if they’re a short passing moment of delight but nothing more. However, it’s time that we change that.

Acts of kindness don’t always have to be random, at least not for the person giving them out. We can be conscious of creating those passing moments of delight for others which can create a domino effect to become a lifestyle for most. For example, there are plenty of things that we do with intention every day but aren’t a second thought such as, brushing our teeth and taking a shower. Kindness can become part of our invisible routine by becoming conscious of the little things like smiling at a stranger, bringing a cup of coffee to a coworker, or sending a message of appreciation to someone you love.

How will you go about adding kindness into your daily [invisible] routine?