Celebrate Thanksgiving Beyond the Table With 7 Activities For Everyone

Whether it’s a big group or a small gathering around the table, there’s plenty to do on Thanksgiving Thursday beyond […]

Whether it’s a big group or a small gathering around the table, there’s plenty to do on Thanksgiving Thursday beyond eating a delicious meal at the table. Bond with those you’re most thankful for before the oven timer goes off and after the food coma settles in with these activities.

A Grateful and Exciting Thanksgiving

Flag Football

I mean, duh, right? Morning flag football is the ongoing tradition in many families on Thanksgiving so why not start your own game? Get a group together at your local park or in a backyard for a friendly

Thanksgiving Family Feud

This activity will take some pre-party preparation but it will be worth the extra energy. Send out a survey to each family member, asking questions that would appear on the popular game show Family Feud but, make them specific to your family’s history, general ideas, and/or the holiday you’re spending together. Tally up the responses and then elect one person to be the “host.”

Parade Bingo

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is one of my favorite things to watch with my girls on Thanksgiving morning. Print our pre-made cards or make ones of your own and play bingo with the parade’s entertainment. This will be a fun way to keep the kiddos engaged and maybe even so busy that you can sneak off into the kitchen to get some prepping done.

Thanksgiving Trivia

Get a friendly competition going to see who knows the most about the holiday with a trivia game post-dinner to keep everyone’s mind off the level of food coma they’re in.

Take a Post-Meal Walk

After devouring the delicious turkey and even better sides, grab whoever you can from the house, put on your shoes, and go for a nice walk. Appreciate the colors in the trees above you, talk about what you’re grateful for, and get a first glance at Christmas decorations going up on the homes around you.

Create a Black Friday Shopping List

Christmas gift shopping (or should I say hunting) begins at midnight along with the best deals of the season. Get comfortable together and break out all of the shopping magazines to get ahead on what Black Friday deals to be looking out for. Create a list of who you’re buying for and ideas on what to give.

Watch Your First Holiday Film of the Season

Although a lot of channels begin showing holiday films before Thanksgiving (cough, cough Hallmark) the first of the season can’t count until at least Thanksgiving night. Get cracking at your holiday film bucket list with everyone you love most in the same room.

What will you be putting on your activity list? I will definitely be taking my family on a walk post-dinner and might even attempt a game of Thanksgiving Family Feud.