Don’t ‘Leaf’ Behind Fall Before Having Fun With Holiday Crafts

Put all of those leaves in your backyard to good use with simple craft ideas that will keep your little […]

Put all of those leaves in your backyard to good use with simple craft ideas that will keep your little ones (and maybe even older ones) in the feelings of fall. My family and I love engaging in activities that bring us together and what better than with one that doubles as home decor? Enjoy an autumn “crafternoon” with these fun ideas that I came across on Southern Living.

Don’t ‘Leaf’ Behind November

Give November the fall attention it deserves with cute DIY home decorations that will become a memory you can hold.

Tree of Thanks

Give Thanksgiving its own tree by taking a potted plant and adding leaves of thanks to it. Have each family member cut a piece of paper into the shape of a leaf and write what they’re thankful for on it before hanging it up. Add colors and photos or different prints to make it unique to you.

DIY Leaf Animals

Make your fall clean-up fun by gathering some big leaves, small leaves, fun-shaped leaves, and whatever else sparks your imagination. Grab some painting tools and a sheet for outside and create your own little wilderness of animals. But, before you rush to the fun, make sure to press your leaves of choice between books for a couple of days.

Thanksgiving Pie Garland

Grab some cardstock, glue, twine, and pom poms because you’re making a decorative garland that resembles a delicious Thanksgiving pie. This DIY project is so cute that you’ll want to leave it hanging all year long.

Leaf Wreath

You can’t go wrong with a wreath. There’s pretty much one for every season of the year now. They make for great curb appeal on your front porch or a cozy addition above the fireplace indoors. Cut out leaves of your own or find faux decorative ones at your local craft store to create a Thanksgiving decoration that will have everyone asking where you got it.

Thankful Pumpkins

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween. Grab them off your steps and get a second use out of them for Thanksgiving. Everyone in the family gets a pumpkin of their choosing and writes all of the things that they are thankful for around it. Put them on display inside your home to protect them from being washed away by the rain.

Thankful For Family

All year round I am so thankful for my family- both chosen and blood. This time of year is only more of a reason to reflect on those emotions and build on them with bonding activities such as those crafts above.

Which DIY decor will you be starting with first? I think my kids, Tyler, and I will be starting with the thankful pumpkin.