Reestablishing Authenticity, Generating Love And Sharing My TRUE Story Through CateMagazine

Growing up is an adventure. It has its peaks and valleys, all that aid in shaping who you become. The […]

Growing up is an adventure. It has its peaks and valleys, all that aid in shaping who you become. The life that you personally experience nurtures the way you think as well as the decisions you make (both in your head and for the world to see). Leaning into my story that you’ve seen on-screen and occasionally off-screen, I have decided to create Bringing this site to life meant empowering myself by taking a constructive and authentic approach to advocate for my name, my family and what I truly stand for.

Putting this magazine into effect wasn’t just to give me another platform to share my voice. It’s THE platform to make things right. I wanted to do more than just post something on social media apologizing for my lack of authenticity- the thing that initially attracted viewers to me. I understand that by allowing myself to be taken advantage of, I let you down and I do apologize for that. I apologize for not being true to the people who followed me for the real me.

Catemagazine is about cleaning up the toxic, manipulative and misleading articles either written about me or that I shared with you myself, which I regret tremendously, sincerely apologize for and have also made a stop to. As for the healthy, sincere, and reliable stories, that all begins here.

So, Why


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As they say, “actions speak louder than words,” and I am a firm believer in that which is why I decided to launch

Here, I intend to create a beautiful, open & genuine online digital community!

This will be a space for complete transparency. It will become a site where mothers, fathers, and families can come to for a world of things including:

  • Activities- at home or out and about
  • events happening
  • kitchen recipes
  • advice on marriage
  • honest emotions and experiences in life
  • health- both physical and mental
  • and more

I want this space to be forever growing. A site that allows me to share and connect with all of you amazing beautiful people in the way that I want to, not how I am told to.

All of you have supported me, my journey, and my family since our early days on MTV and we are forever indebted to your love. is my passion project born directly from your impact and your support. I love all of you so much. There won’t ever be enough words to describe the great impact you all have had on my life. YOU are who shaped me into who I am today, both as a mother and a wife. Truly, I am forever grateful for the blessing this life has offered me therefore, I want to share this site with the people that made everything I live for possible in the first place.

I hope for you to find a home here at CateMagazine because I know exactly what it feels like to question what home really means.