How To Know When You’ve Found ‘The One’ [When On The Market For A New Home]

We all dream of finding the one. And no, I’m not talking about relationships. Finding your forever home is a […]

How To Know When You've Found 'The One' [When On The Market For A New Home]

We all dream of finding the one. And no, I’m not talking about relationships.

Finding your forever home is a journey of its own. It takes time, patience, and knowing yourself. (okay, this is beginning to sound a little bit like relationship advice) The real estate market is filled with options, so how exactly do you know when you’ve walked through the front door to your home for the many years ahead?

To Love Or Not To Love


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By no means am I trying to decide your values for you but, if you need some ideas on what to think about when deciding on a home, keep reading.

Something to love: Location

This comes as no surprise. Even if you’re a first-time home buyer, you know how important location is to consider. Lauren Wodicka of LBW Studio in Leesburg, Virginia says, “A lot can be done with design and cosmetic changes to improve your home, but you must love your location.”

If you have kids, the school district matters. And, if you live close enough to the school then so does having safe walking options.

Still commuting to the office? Distance to your job is important as well as how close you are to major highways.

Something to love: It offers potential

“You don’t see upgrades, you see the potential for you to define the home as yours to make your mark,” says Mary Lombrokos. Anything from add-ons, to upgrades or full renovations, should feel more like an investment rather than just an expense. The potential a home has is your opportunity to make it truly yours.

Something to love: It has a solid foundation

Create a list of wants and needs to evaluate each home with as your search goes on. Narrow down your choices to which ones check off the most boxes. It’s ideal for the house of your choice to only need cosmetic upgrades or improvements rather than work that involves altering structures such as major walls or plumbing lines.

Something to love: Life is better here

You should be happy about going home. It should be your safe space from the world that allows you feel good. Anastasia Casey of The Identité Collective, IDCO Studio, and Design Camp in Austin, Texas suggests that you “Do a gut check to ensure the home feels authentic to how you already live your life, with room for new routines and aspirations.”

She says, “That elusive feeling of home is so deeply personal, but a forever home should have tangible characteristics that make daily life more intentional, natural, and meaningful.”

Something to love: You will choose to stay

Tanya Smith-Shiflett of Unique Kitchens & Baths in Great Falls, Virginia says, “There are so many reasons people end up where they are, but staying is a choice.” Ultimately you decide if you stay in the home of your choice therefore, it needs to feel right.

“A house needs personality and soul to become a home,” shares Betsy Berry of B. Berry Interiors in Charleston, South Carolina. She added in, “I’ve encountered so many houses that were absolute perfection, yet had no soul.”

Therefore, it’s up to you to fill up your new space with love and memories that feel like a hug every time you walk into that front door. No matter the size or how spectacular the design is, without the warmth of a soul, a house cannot become your home.