Perfect Gifts For The Animal Lover and Lover of The World Around Us

It’s no secret that I love my animals. After all, I have a whole yard of them. For the rest […]

It’s no secret that I love my animals. After all, I have a whole yard of them. For the rest of you animal lovers out there or for you who are friends with them, you can gift something that will not only benefit the person but also animals across the globe. Give and give back this holiday season with gifts that are sustainably made, ethically produced, or give back to charity.

Dog Threads

This brand is sustainable and also donates to charity. This family-owned business, beginning in 2014, believes that humans and their dogs deserve the best. Their products are 100 percent recycled and are designed to last, made with premium quality items. Not only that, but every purchase donates to one of their nonprofit rescue partners that help homeless dogs in need.

Purchase matching human and pup sets such as plush robes, sweaters, and festive button downs.

Reusable [Pet] Hair Remover

Don’t let the shedding of your furry friend burn a hole in your wallet. Purchase for yourself or gift to animal lovers alike, a reusable pet hair remover. This is a great sustainable alternative to single-use lint roller sheets and it will also be an awesome money saver in the long run.

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.

This gift might be solely for the human to enjoy but it benefits beyond, owning the tagline, “every cup helps a pup.”

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. creates organic and eco-friendly specialty coffee and donates 20 percent of its profits to rescue organizations that provide a second chance for pups. Since their start, Grounds & Hounds has assisted in providing 3.3 million meals, 18,500 toys, and 16,250 vaccines to shelter dogs.

Eco-Friendly Cat Scratcher

Keep the kitties away from the nice furniture and busy with a planet-friendly alternative. On Amazon, you can purchase a durable, angled paperboard, made from recycled materials, which lasts five times longer than the traditional cat scratcher.

Ripple Rug

The Ripple Rug is as fun as its name. This play mat is perfect for keeping your cats busy with space for activities like scratching, grooming, pouncing, hiding, and sleeping. And, it’s made from recycled plastic water bottles which means you’re not only doing right by your loving pet but also by the environment.

Fahlo Bracelets

Purchasing a bracelet from Fahlo is equivalent to donating to saving wildlife and who doesn’t want to do that? Each bracelet comes with a real animal to track such as a turtle, elephant, or polar bear.

Fahlo works with organizations like Sea Turtle ConservancySave the ElephantsPolar Bears InternationalGlobal Penguin SocietyEwaso Lions, and Saving the Blue

World Wildlife Fund

Through the World Wildlife Fund you can adopt your own endangered animal. There are 130 endangered animal species to choose from AND donations of $60 or more will come with a soft plushie, adoption certificate, photo card, and gift bag.

Save the Bees!

We hear it often and although bees aren’t always our best-kept friend, that doesn’t mean we don’t need them. Give these pollinators the stay of a lifetime with a Bee Hotel in your backyard or gift it for someone else. This bamboo bee house will attract bees to a safe habitat and keep them close for helping beautiful flowers bloom in the yard. With 60 nesting tubes and hanging rope, this bee hotel enhances native pollination and does a world of good for the bees in the area. 

Expand Your Knowledge

The best way to protect all wildlife is to learn about it and the world they live in (along with us). A few titles recommended by GoodGoodGood are:

  • “The Accidental Ecosystem: People and Wildlife in American Cities” by Peter S. Alagona | Amazon | Bookshop
  • “Rewilding: Bringing Wildlife Back Where it Belongs” by Neon Squid & David A. Steen | Amazon | Bookshop
  • “National Geographic Illustrated Guide to Wildlife: From Your Back Door to the Great Outdoors” | Amazon | Bookshop